Whether it is the concrete jungle or the actual jungle, a little survival training is good for us all! You can choose our facility or yours, but no matter where you choose your ability to think under pressure will be challenged.

Come to our facility:

You can come by yourself or with your group and experience the North Maine Woods! When setting out into the wilderness, rigorous preparations are crucial. Regardless of your outdoor endeavors, there are skills that must be learned to ensure your safety. We start with building and setting up your camp area and then teach you about wilderness first aid, foraging, survival, getting to know your surroundings, and more. For our 3 day and 7 day events all of your meals are included and we provide camping space at our facility.


Sentinel offers a multitude of courses including first-aid, food-prep, firearms, and more. Whether venturing out for a hike on a common trail, or hunting deep into the Northwoods, the most basic of survival skills can be the difference between life or death. Our knowledgeable instructors are committed to providing the best possible survival training experience. 

We come to your facility:

Are your employees prepared for potential disasters; something as common as a flood or snowstorm, or something as horrific as a shooting? Our team of seasoned experts can provide consulting services on all of your emergency preparedness plans. You may have a plan to deal with natural and man made disasters, but have your staff run that plan lately? We can look over the plans you already have, make recommendations or corrections, setup a training schedule and run those trainings for you. 

Will you train like your life depends on it?