A Little About Me and
Some of the Places I have Helped

The businesses listed here are some that I have volunteered time with, some who have paid me for services, or some that belong to friends and family. Please consider taking a moment of your time to check them out and learn about what they do. The folks here have spent money, sweat, and tears on the businesses and I hope they go far. To learn more about me personally and check out some of the things I have done, read the blog posts!

Outdoor Cooking

Adaptable Arms

I am proud of my husband Patrick Bruce Jr. and all that he is working towards with this business. He is a licensed Maine Guide and offers services including Firearm Instruction, Guided Hunts, Firearm Manufacturing, Camping through HipCamp, First Aid/CPR Certification, Wilderness Survival Courses, Wilderness First Aid Courses, Urban Survival Courses, Fire-Starting, Foraging, and more. He retired from the United States Army.


Email: adaptablearms@gmail.com or Phone: 207-613-6884

Focused Investing

A fellow Capella University graduate, Dr. Thomas Michael Barnard came to me for assistance with building his online teaching platform through Thinkific. I have assisted him with video production, course design, classroom etiquette and more. 

You can find his course online on Thinkific


Physician Outlook Magazine

I am excited to have the opportunity to write some articles for this outstanding magazine. It is a great resource for those in the medical field looking for a change. There are some hard hitting research articles, but also a lot of light reading and celebration articles. 

Learn more, or grab your own issue at physicianoutlook.com

Medical Team

American College of Healthcare Trustees (FACHT)

Working with the FACHT, I am providing assistance with outreach to members, potential new members and researchers. This organization offers a variety of products and services for physicians and other medical professionals. I am pleased to be offering my services to them and look forward to doing more with them in the future.

Find them online at www.facht.org