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We work with organizations across from many different backgrounds. Each brings a product/service that we see as valuable to our team and to those we work with. Take a moment to check out what these organizations do.

Owner Thomas Farr of Farr & Associates is a co-owner of Sentinel Consulting and Training. Together with his team of security experts, we can now offer businesses a comprehensive security package. If your business or personal needs are for consulting, training, executive protection, unarmed or armed guards, we have you covered. Learn more about Farr & Associates on their website...


Farr & Associates

Armed Security and Executive Protection

The safety of your staff and business is important to us, so our team works closely with other industry experts to help you mitigate risk and be prepared.


Medical Magazine

We love Physician Outlook Magazine for several reasons. The first is because they seek to speak the truth about what is happening in medicine from both the Doctors Perspective and the Patients. The second is the amazing staff and publisher Marlene Wust-Smith is a pediatrician! 

If you are a subscriber to Physician Outlook Magazine, you may have noticed some of our advertisements in the magazine. We also provide writing, editing and consulting services for this great company.

Do No Harm and Take No Sh__

ACHT and Physician Outlook Magazine Award Healthcare Leaders 2021  Learn More

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is a professional association dedicated to promoting good governance and leadership in the healthcare sector by providing continuing education, resources, and networking to help healthcare leaders and trustees govern more effectively. The ACHT features ongoing events, including monthly Movie Nights, Member Zoom Meetings, an Annual Conference and more. Details can be found on the American College of Healthcare Trustees Event Calendar.

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Ethics in Medicine