Multiple Sclerosis (MS) the gift that keeps giving

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Hello and welcome to a little piece of my life. Glad you chose to join me today and I hope that what you read brings you joy. This website is here so that I may share stories and lessons I have learned about living with chronic illness. It is also here on the off chance that you have an interest in working with me, love my art, or want to be a part of my support system. Whether that means consultations, coaching, animal stuffs, hanging out, playing games, cooking, or whatever. I find that helping others helps me a lot.

2021 marks 10 years for me with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I will share stories of how it all began soon, but for this post just know that it was an interesting journey. Over the years MS has attacked my brain and my spine with symptoms coming and going. Some of the attacks have lasted for months, while others were shorter (days or weeks). One attack, in particular, left me in a wheelchair and it took 2 years to learn to walk correctly again. Another left me blind in one eye for 3 weeks, and that one comes back to visit now and again.

I have run through more medications than many people with MS. A lot of that is due to allergies and bad side effects. My body just doesn't seem to understand that we are trying to get better, so it fights the MS and the medication too. I will make some posts soon about all the meds I have tried and some of the CRAZY side effects that came from them. Trust me when I say there are some side effects that are horrible and others that are darn funny!

Life with MS certainly puts a strain on families, friendships, and working relationships. There may be times when I talk about my family, especially when I write about my dealings with COVID-19. If you find a story particularly helpful, please let me know. Chances are I have a lot more of them. Know that in some of my stories I may change names to help people keep their privacy.

In closing out this first post, know that I love and appreciate all of my friends, family, and the people who support me. While I will try hard, my grammar and linguistic skills are not always up to snuff and so from time to time as you are reading, it may sound like a 3-year-old wrote it. I believe that in all things, no matter how bad, there has to be something worth smiling over. You will probably see that in my stories as you read them.

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