Coaching and Public Speaking

What you need to know before scheduling your appointment time

Living with a chronic illness is certainly something that changes your life! I have volunteered with the Berlin, New Hampshire Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society assisting with group leadership, event planning, and teaching. My book, "My Best Day Journal" is recognized by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society on their recommended books list. The book focuses on self-managing your care and learning to see the patterns in your illness. It is available on Amazon.


I am able to coach over the phone or in-person and offer my services speaking to large or small groups about life with a chronic illness.

If you run a business and are looking for someone to inspire your employees with outside-the-box thinking, I am your girl. Some of the topics that I have covered in the past are techniques for making the workplace accessible for those with chronic illness, team building, succession planning, planning for the day you fall off the face of the planet, and more. If you or your organization would like to book a presentation, please schedule a 15 minute or 30-minute session so that I can fully understand the scope of your needs and get a quote for you.

Off-site presentations and coaching sessions also have a fee for travel and accommodations which varies based on the time of year and distance from home. 

I live on a working farm and sometimes animals go wild and sometimes MS life happens. I will notify you ASAP should I need to change our appointment time for any reason.


Business Coaching

Whether your business is finance, farming, crafting, or something in between, I am here to help you succeed. Here is a list of some of the things I can help your business do.

  • Branding - online and offline

  • Course Development (for those using Thinkific)

  • Writing a business plan or marketing plan

  • Write SOP (standard operating procedures) for your staff

  • Develop relationships with other organizations/businesses

  • Basic website design using WIX, Weebly, GoDaddy, or WordPress. I can set up your basic site and teach you to take over.

The initial 15 minute consultation is free and my starting rate is $35/hour for coaching and design.

I communicate best through Text or Email as it lets me read things multiple times before responding and makes it easier to keep track. Especially when someone reaches out in the middle of my farm chores and I have no access to writing materials and am usually dealing with animal poop.

Dissertation Coaching

Are you a doctoral student and struggling with your dissertation? I can help you with topic selection, meeting the required standards, some APA formatting, and overall get you pointed in the right direction.

Maine NPIP Testing

State of Maine NPIP Inspection for poultry. I can test chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, quail, and peacocks. The farmer must be onsite during testing and with me during testing. If the flock passes testing you will receive your NPIP certification before I leave. Birds must be fully feathered and 16 weeks or older to be tested.


The average test takes 1-2 hours depending on the cooperation of the birds. First I will perform a site walkthrough to verify the cleanliness of facilities and possible issues with housing/containment. Then we will test a portion of your flock (no more than 30). Testing involves pulling the bird's wing away from its body and drawing a small drop of blood. I then mix the blood with the testing solution to see if there is any disease present. The birds are then turned, and a wing band from the state will be placed on the bird for tracking. Wing bands are not optional. Some birds bleed better than others, so for that reason, I may ask you to grab a different bird to test as I do not like to stick them more than 3 times.


I will need access to electricity to run my testing equipment, a table, and a gallon of water. Optional things you may want on hand - a towel to help with aggressive or extra-large birds (I cover their head so they can not see); blood stop; and/or small cages/carriers to keep birds in before and after testing so that catching them is easier. For very large birds like geese, peacocks, and occasionally ducks, I will need assistance with holding the bird so that I have a hand free for the testing.

Should a bird test positive for the disease, we will immediately stop the testing and quarantine that bird. I will then notify the state of Maine Vet staff and they will most likely reach out to you in order to set up a more rigorous test.