Sentinel Program




  • Are professional Career Armed Security Agents. Only ONE duty, to Protect at ALL costs. They are trained to advance toward the danger, and never give up.

  • They have backgrounds in Military and Emergency services.

  • They receive training in firearms at or above current Maine State law enforcement standards monthly.

  • They are trained in Emergency Medical Response, Stop the Bleed, AED, and CPR, as a minimum standard.

  • They are subjected to extensive background investigations, including fingerprints and separate background checks and approval from the Maine Dept. of Education.

  • They receive continuous ongoing professional development training in Tactical, Medical, Incident Command, and more.

  • They are subject to drug screenings and a Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) which restricts alcohol intake and outside activities which could impair performance on the job.

  • They are equipped with the latest technology and apparatus to make each Sentinel as effective and survivable as possible including top-tier Armor, Firearms, Medical Equipment, Detection (Thermal and Night-Vision), and communications.


We Train School Staff because every adult is a part of the plan to protect our future. Our certified instructors will provide the following initial, refresher, and re-certification training to all school staff:


  • Stop the Bleed, CPR, FIRST AID, and AED.

  • Active. Violence. Emergency. Response. Training. (AVERT)

  • Management Of Aggressive Behaviors (MOAB)

  • Firearm Safety, including identifying different types of weapons and rendering them safe.

  • NRA Basic Handgun Course Certification and Defense Use instruction (Optional. If the district opts to Arm teachers as well)



Procedures, Plans, Policies, and Drills, because we know from experience that a plan in writing is no good without practice:


  • We will assist with Creating, Updating, Reviewing, and implementing Procedures, Plans, and Policies regarding Security and Safety, to ensure compliance with applicable Laws and Regulations as well as being current with the most up-to-date information and best practices.

  • We will assist with conducting drills to train on all-in-place plans.

  • We will assist with inter-agency coordination to ensure seamless response and awareness of procedures.

Go out into the Maine Woods with us for a little education and relaxation. The flowing courses are all available for individuals and groups. Our location features a training building, off-grid camping, outdoor kitchens, shooting, training range, and more. The overall location has been a family farm for years and you will get some hands-on experience with animals, cooking, and walking through the Maine woods.

On Site Courses

Family Safety 101

This 2-day course includes:

  • an introduction to pet first aid,

  • individual first aid,

  • disaster response,

  • self-defense inside and outside of the home,

  • basics of firearm safety,

  • basics of gun maintenance,

  • safe gun handling and storage instruction. No live fire during this course.

Advanced First Aid

This 2-day course is designed for non-EMS responders including government, corporate, industry, lifeguards, security personnel, law enforcement, corrections personnel, and other individuals who are not EMS or healthcare providers but desire or require certification in Advanced First Aid Training. This course has a prerequisite of a BLS certificate.

Personal Defense 101

This course includes an introduction to first aid, firearm safety and basic shooting. Upon successful completion of this course including the range time, a student will receive the following certificates: NRA Basic Pistol, First Aid, CPR, AED, Emergency Oxygen, Advanced Bleeding Control, and Personal Defense 101 issued by Sentinel Consulting and Training LLC.


This course is designed for the beginning forager. We will teach you how to use tools like books, apps, forums, and websites so that you can safely identify wild plants.

NRA Basic Pistol Course

Required for Maine CCW Licence. This course includes a student packet and handbook, firearm, and ammunition to use during the course, eye and ear protection. Upon successful completion of this course including qualifying on the range, you will be issued an NRA Basic Pistol Course Certificate.

First & First

First Shots Program mixed with a First Aid Certification! Get a little of both worlds by joining Adaptable Arms and Farr & Associates as we bring you the first in a series of joint efforts. Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a gift certificate of $25 for use in the future at the Sentinel Training Range. 

First Shots

The biggest challenge for new shooters is getting started. First Shots makes getting started in shooting very easy — and, best of all, participants who complete the post-event survey are rewarded with a coupon to use on their next visit to the host range.

At a First Shots seminar, you’ll receive:

  • An educational introduction to the safe and recreational use of firearms

  • A clear understanding of the local requirements for owning and purchasing a firearm

  • Individual and group training

  • A rundown of shooting sports opportunities for all levels of interest

  • A chance to give shooting a try!

Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness environments create special situations not usually encountered in an urban or suburban environment. With an ASHI Wilderness First Aid class, first aid providers in a remote outdoor setting will be better prepared to respond when faced with limited resources, longer times to care for someone, and decisions about when and how fast to evacuate an ill or injured person. Breakfast and Lunch for both days will be provided for this course and meal options will be emailed prior to the class so that you may make a selection.

Basic Life Support

Students learn how to recognize a life-threatening emergency, how to provide basic life support, and what to do in case of an airway obstruction or choking. ASHI’s Basic Life Support, BLS course for Healthcare Providers and Professional Rescuers has been approved for training for Emergency Medical Services personnel and is accepted by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT).

CPR/AED/First Aid

This first aid, AED, and CPR training course builds the skills and confidence to respond to the most typical life-threatening emergencies.  Ideal for those seeking a comprehensive emergency care class.

Pet First Aid & Disaster Response

The Pet First Aid & Disaster Response Guide is designed to help pet owners provide temporary, urgent care to pets until they can reach a veterinary, or emergency clinic. 

Basic First Aid

Covers first aid basics and prepares students to deliver first aid in a safe and timely manner. This course includes a meal and all materials. 

Bloodborne Pathogens

Helps students understand what bloodborne pathogens are, how to reduce risks of exposure for themselves and others, and what steps will be taken if exposure occurs.

One-on-one Firearm Instruction

This instruction/coaching is set up for the individual who already owns their own firearm and ammunition. Targets are provided. Firearms can be provided for an additional rental fee, please contact us directly for more information. Our experienced coaches will be by your side helping you gain knowledge, proper technique, implementation, and understanding of operation with your own firearm. What activities you participate in during the hour of class will depend on what you are looking to gain. Please let us know what you would like to focus on. 

Campfire Cooking

This course is great for kids and adults alike! Our experienced teachers will walk you through setting up a safe campfire and cooking area. You will get to eat what you cook. Menu for this date: Fire-roasted veggies, stir-fried meat, and veggies, fire-cooked bread, berry/apple cobbler. 

Basic Community Awareness

Hands-on Personal Experience in First Aid; Basic Situational Awareness; and Basics of Firearm Safety in and out of the home (no live fire) Students participating that are 12 and older can receive a certification! 

Family Firearm Instruction

Family group private instruction can be geared towards the specific needs of the students. This may include firearm maintenance, shooting etiquette, marksmanship, etc., and targets are included. Students may bring their own approved firearms and ammunition. We will have firearm rental and ammunition sales available, please call ahead to ensure that what you are looking for is not already reserved for the day/time you would like to schedule. This course is appropriate for individuals that are 18 years of age and older and may include younger children who are members of the family.  A family is defined as individuals all living in the same household. All children participating in courses are the responsibility of the parent and while there is no age restriction on this particular course, the child must be able to follow instructions, practice firearm safety rules, and not be disruptive to other shooters. Some restrictions apply, please contact us for additional details. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear for indoor/outdoor activities including bending, sitting, standing, and light lifting. Closed-toe shoes only. While participating in shooting activities this means shirts with high collars and pants that are appropriate for kneeling, sitting, and/or lying prone on the ground. We recommend wearing a ball cap or wide-brimmed hat during warm months and an appropriate winter hat during cold months for outdoor activities.

Intro to Firearm Safety

This course includes an introduction to the basics of firearm safety, basics of gun maintenance, safe gun handling, and safe storage methods, and how to unload and make safe most types of firearms. No range time or live fire during this course.

Advanced Bleeding Control

American Safety & Health Institute’s Advanced Bleeding Control is designed to provide detailed information on the control of severe external bleeding, including the use of direct pressure, commercial pressure bandages, tourniquets, and packed dressings. Materials needed to take this course will be provided.


An extremely flexible CPR and AED certification program that teaches how to recognize cardiac arrest, activate emergency medical services, and respond appropriately until additional assistance arrives. Also covers how to respond to urgent choking situations.

Emergency Oxygen

Focuses on administering emergency oxygen to individuals, emergency oxygen delivery systems, and integrating pulse oximetry. The materials necessary for this course will be provided.

Medical/First Aid 101

This course included 3 certified training sessions: First aid/CPR/AED; Emergency O2; and Advanced Bleeding Control