Contracting with 麻豆社区app

With over 30+ branches nationally, 麻豆社区app can offer you consistent contracting work close to where you live. 麻豆社区app has stood the test of time. We鈥檝e been around for over 60 years and we鈥檒l be here for many more to come!

I like contracting for Stoddarts because they always pay weekly, give me consistent work which allows me to build my business and employ other people and they take care of everything. We rock up to site and we know it鈥檚 ready to go. It鈥檚 easy. They send me a job the day before and if something goes wrong we can call the office and they鈥檒l be straight onto it.
— Alex Beloff - Roofing Contractor
Sites are pre-inspected, ready and safe so you can get in, get the job done and get home

Sites are pre-inspected, ready and safe so you can get in, get the job done and get home

An opportunity for career change when you鈥檙e ready to get off the tools

An opportunity for career change when you鈥檙e ready to get off the tools

Get paid weekly - on time, every week plus we do all the contracts so all you have to do is finish the job and raise your invoice

Get paid weekly - on time, every week plus we do all the contracts so all you have to do is finish the job and raise your invoice

We work with 2,500+ builders across 38 branches giving you great stability and longevity

We work with 2,500+ builders across 32 branches giving you great stability and longevity

I started with Stoddarts at 18 working for one of their sub-contractors, then with my own crew, got off the tools and started as a maintenance supervisor and now I鈥檓 responsible for training new apprentices.
— Brent Chase - Trade Development Manager

麻豆社区app Leader Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

Jon Stoddart receives Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2022
Brisbane Lord Mayor鈥檚 Business Awards

We are thrilled to announce Managing Director of 麻豆社区app, Jon Stoddart, was recently honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2022 Brisbane Lord Mayor鈥檚 Business Awards. The awards recognise outstanding contributions of local business to the Brisbane economy. The Lifetime Achievement award has only ever been presented to a select few.


The business was founded in 1959 by Jon鈥檚 father Tom Stoddart and Tom's brother Albert, as a steel fabrication manufacturer, specialising mainly in hot water systems and steel bathroom fittings.

By the 1990鈥檚, a new era dawned under the mantle of 麻豆社区app and with Jon鈥檚 leadership the newly formed company ventured into residential building materials, broadening its product line, using a new supply and install model. Jon has been the chief innovator and motivator behind the growing company for the past 45 years.

Strong Growth and Expansion

With a company mission all about creating solutions to deliver a better way to build, Jon is continually looking at ways to build faster, stronger, better, and exploring ways to support builders to improve processes.

His dedication to this purpose has seen the company evolve and thrive to a business employing over 600 staff and 2000+ subcontractors. With 31 branches nationally, the company services over 30,000 new homes a year 鈥 one quarter of all new homes built across Australia.

Upon receiving his award Jon acknowledged the support of his family and the team at 麻豆社区app, stating, 鈥淚 am truly humbled to have received this award and accept it on behalf of my family and the amazing team at 麻豆社区app who work incredibly hard every day to provide our customers with solutions delivering a better way to build.鈥

Building the Future of Building

As Australia鈥檚 largest supplier and installer of building products, 麻豆社区app continues to be a family run company and is an integral part of today鈥檚 housing industry 鈥 not just as a supplier of essential components such as steel framing, roofing, garage doors, external cladding, insulation, and internal plasterboard, but also as an innovator and a driver of change for the construction industry.

The company鈥檚 primary operating philosophy is 鈥淏uilding the Future of Building鈥 with the aim of helping Australian builders deliver better-performing, more environmentally responsible houses.

Congratulations to Jon for this well-deserved Lifetime Achievement award. A hard earned and well deserved recognition!

Energy Division is now under new ownership

We wish to advise all customers that Stoddart Energy is no longer part of 麻豆社区app and is now under new ownership under the trading name 鈥淓nergyBuild鈥. This change became effective 30 June 2022.

A few important things to note:

  • EnergyBuild will keep the same management team, ABN/ACN, licenses and accreditations.

  • Because it will be the same entity, there will be little impact on our customers

  • All existing orders are good

  • All new orders for existing customers will be at the same pricing and terms

  • The same expert Energy team members will be available, on the same contact numbers, if you need to speak with anyone.

  • Importantly, EnergyBuild will continue to operate out of its existing 麻豆社区app locations around Australia.


For customer enquiries regarding Energy solutions, please contact EnergyBuild


National 1300 983 668


Brisbane (07) 3725 5906

Sydney (02) 9729 7000

Central Coast (02) 4928 5400

Adelaide (08) 8317 2150

W: www.energybuild.com.au

E: service.energy@energybuild.com.au

Five reasons to get your garage door serviced

If you have ever experienced your garage door jamming, breaking, or not opening you will understand the importance of regular maintenance. There鈥檚 nothing worse than being trapped in your garage or having to manually lift a heavy garage door on your own. 麻豆社区app security also becomes an issue when a garage door is broken. Like anything, it鈥檚 something you rarely pay much attention to until it breaks!

Why should I get my garage door serviced?

You may be wondering why do I need to spend money getting it serviced? The truth is, a just like a human body a garage door also needs regular maintenance to prevent wear and tear of its multiple components. It鈥檚 the biggest moving part of a home and often with multiple cars coming and going that door can be doing some major lifting. The good news is an annual service is enough to ensure the smooth running of your garage door.

Five good reasons to service your door

1.Wear and tear

Smaller components, when strained, can result in larger components working harder. So, when the spring or door is struggling, this puts more strain on the motor which is the most expensive part. An annual check will find any wear and tear on smaller units.

2. Components have a lifespan

The motor fixed to the roof has a lifespan of about 7 鈥 12 years and the door 20 鈥 40 years. Depending on usage, these parts need to be replaced over time. Regular servicing will monitor this ageing and replacement when a part is wearing will avoid breakages in the future.

3. Springs/rollers need lubrication

For effective momentum and optimal movement, springs and rollers need to be lubricated as weather and overuse can lead to drying out or rusting.

4. Inspection can catch warning signs

Regular inspection means a qualified technician can anticipate potential faults in components before they begin to wear out .

5. Security

For optimal smooth running of your garage door, an annual service will help to avoid any costly breakages which can be inconvenient to your household as well as causing security issues if the door isn鈥檛 completely closed.

Who to contact for servicing

If your garage door is still under a 12-month warranty, contact your installer, or for doors older than one year you can find a local technician by searching www.servicemydoor.com.au

Steel vs Tile Roofing

When it comes to choosing a roof for your new home, you'll want to look at steel. 

Steel roofing is by far the most attractive, functional, long-lasting, and efficient material that builders and home-owners can choose. Made in Australia for the Australian building industry and installed with expertise - you can't go past a steel roof. 

Security and Confidence

Often virtually seamless to onlookers and significantly stronger than standard options, steel roofs will stand up to all weather conditions. Metal roofing perseveres in high winds and heavy downpours and is superior in stumping predators or intruders that might otherwise attempt to infiltrate the property thanks to weak or rotting joints and connection sites.

Versatility and Functionality

庐 metal roofing offers a wide variety of colour choices and variegated styles for optimum functionality in focusing water and debris off of the top of your property. Plus, their modern matt range gives you even more design freedom. 


It is no understatement to say that a steel roof will stand the test of time. 麻豆社区apps and buildings constructed hundreds of years ago featuring steel roofs are testament that metal is superior when it comes to preserving and protecting a property for generations of residents.

Not only is steel stronger, but it also weighs significantly less than standard options, and unlike roofing created from concrete or clay, steel is non-porous and will never absorb moisture or add weight to the support beams and load bearing walls of your property.

If you are ready to choose steel for your next roofing project, contact your local 麻豆社区app branch now.

Light weight cladding - the perfect external finish for your new home

Bringing light weight cladding to the WA market

In February 2022, 麻豆社区app expanded its national presence when we installed our first Hebel panels on a home in Western Australia.

What is hebel?

Hebel is a strong, versatile, high performance building product made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC).

A lightweight, environmentally friendly masonry product, it replicates a mineral that already exists in nature and uses readily available raw materials such as sand, cement, lime and gypsum, which combined with water and an expansion agent, produces a high-quality masonry material. (www.hebel.com.au)

why build with light weight cladding?

With the reduced build time and innovative performance capabilities light weight cladding (or AAC) like Hebel offers over traditional bricks and mortar, we're sure you'll be seeing more Hebel panels pop up on homes across the country. 

Light weight cladding also offers a fresh, modern finish 鈥 providing you with a clean palette to achieve the exterior design statement you want!

Further information

For more information about using light weight cladding products on your new build project, contact us at

Continued demand for housing following hike in building approvals

According to an article published in (4 Nov 2021), demand for housing is still accelerating, even after the 麻豆社区appBuilder scheme concluded six months ago, with demonstrable approval numbers for detached buildings, multi-units and apartments continuing to rise during October.


Detached building approvals rose 15.5% and 32.2% during the three months to September compared to the same quarter in 2020 and 2019 respectively, as reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Housing Industry Association (HIA) economist Tom Devitt is quoted as substantiating a healthy pipeline of on-the-ground home building work to the end of 2022.

鈥淟eading indicators, including HIA鈥檚 New 麻豆社区app Sales data, suggest that the detached market remains robust despite lockdowns.鈥


In seasonally adjusted terms, total residential building approvals increased in the three months to September across all states except Tasmania. New South Wales was the top performer at 38.5%, followed by South Australia at 30.5% and Western Australia at 28.6%.

鈥淚n addition to 麻豆社区appBuilder, this (growth) has been driven by shifts in spending from services like travel, entertainment and dining out, towards housing,鈥 Devitt said. 鈥淲ith Australians spending more time at home and accumulating a significant amount of savings, an increase in demand for larger living spaces is unsurprising.鈥


Tradie National Health Month

August is Tradies' National Health Month aimed at raising awareness of the health and injury risks for people in trade occupations.

Statistics show that tradies are involved in almost 3 in 5 serious workplace injuries, despite making up only 35 per cent of the workforce.

And 60 per cent of tradies often have aches and pains as a result of their job. With the physically demanding tasks that are often involved in the jobs they do, it鈥檚 no wonder tradies are over represented in workplace injury reports compared to other types of workers.


Many injuries can be prevented with simple strategies that prioritise physical, mental and emotional health. We all play a role in helping our tradies - and every worker - to get home safely each day!

Here are some ideas for instigating positive change in your workplace and in your life.

  • Try some warm up stretches before the work day begins.

  • Ask your team leader to get a physiotherapist to do a worksite risk assessment.

  • Visit your physio to treat aches before they escalate and distract you from working safely.

  • Seek support if you're struggling mentally or emotionally.


Below are a few links to resources with tips to encourage our tradies to look after their most valuable asset鈥攖heir health.



A home built in steel provides many benefits, which explains its rising popularity:

  • Square and true angles

  • Frames and trusses that aren鈥檛 chemically-treated

  • A better overall fit and finish

  • Less maintenance due to steel staying straight and strong

  • 100% termite proof We love seeing family homes being built from the frame up!

For our customers, steel helps sell; it's about offering a superior alternative that has great flow on benefits and a higher quality finish for home owners.

Steel Framing solutions

Our steel framing division provides complete solutions for our customers. We are leading the way with timber to steel conversion by providing exceptional products and service and supporting the future health of the industry through grass roots support, training and education.


  • Design - we detail your drawings for the most cost effective steel solution

  • Manufacture 鈥 quality controlled manufacturing

  • Installation 鈥 installed quickly and to a high standard

  • Technical Support 鈥 the knowledge and expertise to find the best solution

  • Advice On-Site 鈥 we'll be there to ensure a smooth process

  • Training 鈥 we'll help you and your team learn about working with steel

  • Project Management 鈥 we're there from start to end

  • Engineering Certification 鈥 assurance that comes from engineering certification for every job


Truecore Steel Ambassador, Tom Williams, recently spoke with Stoddart Governing Director, Jon Stoddart, about the benefits of using Truecore steel framing.

Click or on the title of this blog post to watch the video and learn more!


6 good reasons to use external cladding on your next construction project

The use of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) has grown substantially since it was introduced to the Australian market 20 years ago. Lightweight, reinforced and energy efficient, it鈥檚 growing popularity has revolutionised the construction industry in Australia.

West Lakes Library and Community Centre

Work has recently commenced on a new $20 million state of the art library and community facility in West Lakes, Adelaide.

麻豆社区app is proud to be involved in the project, supplying the external cladding for the facility - STAAC WALL Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. The facility will be built over three stages and will be three stories high, making it an impressive site on the Adelaide landscape. 

The vision for the project is to create a next-generation, integrated community place that is recognised as a centre of excellence for literacy, learning, innovation and discovery.

To see a sneak peak flythrough of what the finished facility will look like click .

This is a very exciting project in Adelaide and a proud moment for 麻豆社区app as we watch the fa莽ade of the building take shape with STAAC WALL cladding.
— Colin Turner, 麻豆社区app General Manager 鈥 Cladding


STAAC WALL is a contemporary, reinforced, light-weight, concrete cladding that鈥檚 the fresh alternative to traditional masonry. 

Like all 麻豆社区app products, STAAC WALL delivers top quality, design freedom, real value and simple installation 鈥 all backed by the Stoddart service, support and warranties.

Where can STAAC WALL be used?

Panels can be used in multiple applications including:

路        External Walls

路        Flooring

路        Party Walls

路        Zero boundary walls

the staac wall edge


It鈥檚 light and easy to handle - STAAC WALL panels are fast and simple to install.


Available in 50mm and 75mm thicknesses, the panels make way for a more spacious interior.


Potential energy savings, environmental benefits and comfortable living with an R rating up to R3.6.


A non-combustible material, it can be used as fire walls with a minimum fire rating of 90-90-90.


The panels are produced using less energy than other materials. There鈥檚 also less waste by cutting panels on-site and custom making them to length requirements.


STAAC WALL is compatible with most major coatings companies. The range includes options for two coat, three coat and four coat systems.

Further information  

If you are building a new home and want STAAC WALL for your new property, please contact your builder directly.

For all other inquiries regarding our cladding products, please feel free to get in touch with 麻豆社区app through our website www.stoddartgroup.com

Case Study - Ingenia Lifestyle Communities

Steel House Frames.jpg

Ingenia Lifestyle communities was formed in 2013 by Ingenia, Australia鈥檚 leading owner, operator, and developer of quality affordable seniors鈥 housing communities. More than 3,500 downsizers currently call an Ingenia Lifestyle community home, across more than 20 locations in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Ingenia鈥檚 ambition is to maintain its affordable, sustainable housing solution enabling asset-rich, cash-poor downsizers to free up more equity and help fund a more comfortable lifestyle to enjoy in their golden years.

Ingenia partnered with 麻豆社区app in 2018 and have worked together on two successful ongoing projects: Latitude One by Ingenia Lifestyle in Anna Bay NSW, and Plantations by Ingenia Lifestyle in Woolgoolga NSW.

As the new master plan rolled out, the safety of the community environment was a number one priority for Ingenia鈥檚 operations, construction staff, residents and visitors.

The development鈥檚 challenge was to minimise any risk and inconvenience to both existing and incoming residents within a staged project. Therein, it was important for Ingenia that construction occurred in minimal time, and that they partner with reputable, quality suppliers that could coordinate and communicate well for their projects to occur seamlessly.

Ingenia provides an innovative solution to seniors鈥 living, so it required an innovative company with a diverse range of products to partner with that would be able to support the ever-growing Ingenia business nationwide. Ingenia required not only a steel framing supplier, Ingenia required an innovative solution.

Ingenia Plantations woolgoolga.jpeg

Obstacles that Ingenia was facing was finding a framing supplier that was not restricted by location or capability, and also a supplier that could offer a relocatable home solution. In addition, Ingenia wanted quality products that would not deteriorate over time.

麻豆社区app supplied and installed its 100% termite-proof, pesticide-free steel framing solutions backed by a 50-year warranty*. The 麻豆社区app steel framing solution allowed for design freedom and flexibility, with a quick turnaround for supply and install. With over 60 years of experience, 麻豆社区app was able to provide Ingenia with support in design, engineering, research, and development for a relocatable home solution.

Infographic - Ingenia2.JPG

麻豆社区app was able to provide significant construction cost reductions on design and onsite construction time, with the ability to provide a relocatable solution that allowed Ingenia to provide a premium product like none other on the market at a highly competitive price.

The result has seen the success of two large projects for Ingenia, and growth in its partnership with 麻豆社区app. 麻豆社区app worked with Ingenia Communities on the designs and have supplied and installed over 200 steel frames in the past 18 months across both projects in a safe and timely manner with minimal disruption to existing Ingenia Lifestyle residents.


There were a total of 260 days saved in construction time for the Latitude One development and 140 days construction time saved on the Plantations development. Ingenia and 麻豆社区app look forward to working together on the next stage of the project, providing a quality lifestyle to downsizers that is proving to be Australia鈥檚 most innovative and popular over 55s lifestyle living solution.

To find out more about Ingenia Lifestyle鈥檚 affordable and sustainable housing solutions, visit

*50-year steel frame warranty by BlueScope Steel

Building Fire Resilient Houses

Burning House - Stock Image_small.jpg

It is hard to put a number to how many properties have been destroyed in the 2019-2020 bushfire season to date, but according to  more than 2,000 houses have already been lost.

Unfortunately forecasters say the bushfire season isn't over yet, so the grim reality is that this number is expected to rise.

Apart from the emotional turmoil of losing a home, a property is usually our most important investment. Is there anything that can be done to make a dwelling more resilient to a bushfire to mitigate some, if not all of the damage?

While there will never be a guarantee that your house will survive a blaze under severe circumstances, there are certain strategies you can follow to improve the odds.

Please note: The State Rural Fire Service and other emergency services put out regular communication regarding fire updates during bushfire incidents and should be seen as the first point of information under all circumstances. Strategies to fire-proof a property may minimise the damage, but we do not advise using the home as shelter when emergency services indicate that leaving the area is advisable. The safest option is always to leave early! 

Fire resistance starts with design

To give a building a fighting chance of surviving a bushfire, fire resistant strategies need to be implemented from the design stage. Architects and bushfire experts agree that it is time to rethink how we design buildings in bushfire prone areas.

鈥淎ustralians need to (re)think beyond the paradigm of the timber hideaway in the bush and realise that being able to inhabit such sites is an extraordinary privilege - and with that privilege comes the onus of building bushfire resilient homes - rather than modifying that landscape to suit their preconceived and outdated ideas,鈥 said Dr. Ian Weir, a researcher at Queensland University of Technology who studies bushfire responsive architecture. (.)

The Australian Institute of Architects has recently established a new dedicated bushfire response  where a number of its Acumen practice notes relating to post-fire design is freely available.

鈥淭his is not a short-term crisis, and we need the support of the architectural profession to support us as we face this crisis together. When the fires clear, we will need to not only replace what has been lost, but build back better,鈥 the Institute states on the website.

Passive house design

Passive house design is gaining popularity in Australia due to its focus on sustainability and energy efficiency.

It relies on the adoption of a few key design principles to enable the creation of energy efficient buildings with healthy, dry indoor spaces that require little or no heating or cooling. Read more about it in our blog .

A big win of this design trend is that many of the strategies employed in this type of sustainable construction can also help to make a property more fire resilient. This includes the use of triple-glazed windows and an airtight building envelope, which for instance prevents toxic gases and smoke from entering the building.

Knauf Australia recently supplied plasterboard to , Australia鈥檚 first passive house built to the highest bushfire rating (BAL-FZ). Read more about bushfire ratings (BAL) below.

Standards and codes

Over the last 25 years Australian building codes and standards have become considerably more comprehensive to include strategies to make buildings more fire resilient.

The codes include performance standards and appropriate materials to resist bushfire attack. 

The current standards related to bushfire issues are:

  • AS 3959:2018 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas

  • AS 5414 鈥 2012 Bushfire water spray systems

  • ABCB, Private Bushfire Shelters Performance Standard 2014

  • NASH Standard Steel Framed Construction in Bushfire Areas 2014

National building requirements for residences in bushfire prone areas were improved after the 2009 鈥淏lack Saturday鈥 bushfires in Victoria, in which 173 people died and more than 2,000 homes were destroyed.

One can expect that further changes and improvements will be made to existing codes and standards in the wake of the 2019-2020 bushfire season.

Fire Resistance Levels (FRL)

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) includes requirements for walls and ceilings to help ensure the safety of occupants in the event of a fire, regardless of whether the structure is built in a bushfire prone area or not.

The code defines the Fire Resistance Level (FRL) of a structure in terms of three criteria: structural adequacy, integrity and insulation.

  • Structural adequacy: The ability of a structure to maintain its stability and loadbearing capacity in the event of a fire

  • Integrity: The ability of a structure to resist the passage of flame and hot gases during a fire

  • Insulation: The ability to maintain a temperature over the whole of the unexposed surface below that specified by AS 1530.4

If the FRL requirement for a wall is 90/60/30 it means that the wall will maintain its structural adequacy for 90 minutes, resist the passage of flame and hot gases for 60 minutes and maintain its temperature (below set limits) on the unexposed side for 30 minutes.

A dash in FRL means that there is no requirement for that criterion. For example a wall that has an FRL of -/90/90 means that there is no structural adequacy requirement for that wall system (e.g. non-load bearing walls).

Read more about fire ratings in our blog .

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)

In addition to the provisions of the BCA, the Australian Standard for Building in Bushfire Prone Areas (AS3959) provides further requirements for residential dwellings built in areas that pose a high risk of bushfires.

The AS3959 divides bushfire prone areas into six bushfire attack levels (BAL), based on the severity of the building鈥檚 potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact in the event of an uncontrolled bushfire. BAL ratings are measured in increments of radiant heat expressed as kW/m2.

The most severe bushfire attack level is described in the standard as BAL-FZ and is primarily concerned with protection from flame contact together with ember attack and radiant heat of more than 40 kW/m2.

All new residential homes built in a bushfire prone area must undergo a BAL assessment as part of the application for a building permit.

The six BALs are:

  • BAL-LOW - very low risk

  • BAL-12.5 - low risk

  • BAL-19 - moderate risk

  • BAL-29 - high risk

  • BAL-40 - very high risk

  • BAL-FZ - extreme risk (Flame Zone)

Fire Table.JPG

AS 3959 explains how the BAL for a property is determined and provides the construction requirements for each level of BAL, including for floors, roofs, external walls and windows, verandahs and carports.

All new homes built in a Bushfire Prone Areas must be built to a minimum of BAL- 12.5.

BALs may change due to environmental factors, such as when nearby cleared areas become forested.

It is therefore recommended to build to BAL-FZ requirements because any solution that satisfies the requirements of BAL-FZ will also work for a lower BAL.

Also read .

Existing buildings

While codes, standards and improved design strategies can go a long way to improve the fire resilience of new structures, it remains extremely difficult to protect older structures.

The NSW Rural Fire Service provides a few  to prepare a property for a bushfire, including cleaning gutters of twigs and leaves, attaching a fire sprinkler system to the gutters and cutting back trees and shrubs overhanging the buildings.

Also refer to bushfire architect Dr. Douglas Brown鈥檚 recent blog, .

(Source: Knauf Australia 2020)

Integral Construction Steel Framing site

Our Steel Framing BDM, Paul Gadsby, visited 's latest site, a retirement village for  in Morayfield, Brisbane.

Steel frames are a smart framing solution that won't twist, warp or shrink and are 100% termite proof.

More than just a supplier, our Steel Framing team can help you to optimise your designs for steel and provide technical support and training to assist with a smooth transition. 
For more information visit /steel-house-frames/

Introducing TimberLane by 麻豆社区app


The garage door can account for 30% of a home鈥檚 facade and it鈥檚 often used more frequently by the owner than the front door.听 We鈥檙e excited to launch of new range of Stoddart Garage Door finishes, TimberLane by 麻豆社区app. These stunning doors combine the strength of steel with the beauty of timber to create a natural-look for your builds.

  • 13 spectacular new colours offering a style to suit every home

  • Available in all four standard door styles

  • Available with doors with window inserts

  • Available with doors up to 5900mm wide


How Termites are Destroying Australian Properties.

There is a common saying that there are only two different types of houses in Australia 鈥 the ones that already have termites and those that will eventually get them. At 麻豆社区app we know there鈥檚 another to add to the list, those with a steel house frame. Termite infestations are becoming increasingly common across Australia and are responsible for more damage to houses in Australia each year than fires, floods or storms (Victorian Building Authority). Concealed in locations that often go undetected, termites destroy timber internally, leaving only a wafer-thin layer to protect them from the outside environment. There is no predictable pattern or height restriction to their damage, with termite-infested sites found in roofs and even high-rise constructions.

A survey conducted by CSIRO reveals that roughly one out of three Australian residences have termites living on their property, making these insects a huge issue here in Australia. Research conducted by the National Association of Steel Framed Houses Inc estimates the annual cost of termite damage in Australia to vary between $80 to $780 million, causing many home owners to face losses of tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Map sourced from Termite Incidence Survey and Termite Hazard Map 鈥 CSIRO & FWPDRC Research

Map sourced from

Considerations and Warnings

  • Sometimes termites, which are known as "white ants", are confused with ants, but they're different. One difference is that ants have eyes, while termite workers and soldiers do not. Furthermore, ants have a distinct waistline between their abdomen and thorax, but termites do not have a waist.
  •  Even though there are more than 250 different termite species just a few of them create significant issues for Australian properties such as the Coptotermes Acinaciformis and the Schedorhinotermes Intermedius 
  • Termites are extremely secretive, entering structures via areas, such as through expansion joints, concrete slab cracks and other spots that are out-of-reach to inspection.
  • 麻豆社区app or Building Insurance Policy will NOT cover remedial and repair costs of damage caused by termites to structural and decorative timbers in a building.
  • As mentioned previously, the damage to unprotected homes can be substantial and the repair bill enormous, ranging from an average cost of $7000 to over $100,000 in more severe cases (Building Connection).
  • As well as structural timbers, termites can also chomp their way through furniture, paper products, fabrics, clothing, footwear and even non-cellulose materials like soft plastics, building sealants and rigid foam insulation ().
  • To protect themselves from predators, heat, light and the humidity of the outside environment the worker termites make tunnels to travel back and forth between the nest and the feeding ground (where the damage is caused). Tunnels can be 400 mm deep and 150 metres in radius, with the nests sometimes being up to 100m away from where the workers are foraging.

With our growing love of landscaping in modern times, the abundant use of bark, wood chips and mulch, timber retaining walls and pergolas has created a haven for termites in our backyards which has hugely increased the presence of termites on residential properties. To most people, their most important asset is their home, therefore, it is important to ensure termite protection is a priority for every builder and homeowner.   


Our Steel Framing is 100% termite free and gives homeowners the comfort of knowing their home is protected from these silent destroyers for years to come. Superior to timber in many ways and cost-competitive, steel framing is a must-have option for modern builders.

麻豆社区app Steel House Framing site 

Want more information on our Steel Framing solutions? Head to Steel House Framing.

Sources used:


Coral 麻豆社区apps Steel House Framing


We've long loved the benefits of steel framing and it's great to see more builders incorporating this excellent product into their offerings.

Coral 麻豆社区apps is one of our builders really embracing steel framing and looking at this recent progress shot of one of their homes, it's not hard to see why.

More than just a supplier, our team can help with converting plans to steel, technical support, on-site advice, training, project management and certification.

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Custom Garage Door - Paddington

Custom Garage Door

Our Garage Door team are doing amazing things in the custom door market.

Designed to complement the architectural style and increase the overall street appeal of the home, our custom doors are a showstopper.

We're loving the team's latest install, this white timber door looks amazing against the exposed stonework.

Custom Garage Door

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Custom Garage Door

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Springfield Roof.jpg

You can't find a more durable or safer metal than steel and it鈥檚 no surprise that steel is the metal that's the most widely used in construction products.

Here are some of the main benefits of using metal roofing on new residential homes.

Designed for Australian Weather

A huge benefit of steel roofing is that it's made for Australia's challenging weather conditions. Because a steel roof is remarkably secure, safe and weather tight, it doesn't peel, crack or rust. Steel roofing can withstand harsh weather and won't fracture during hailstorms. A metal roof doesn't soak up water, so it doesn't add additional water to a structure's frame.

Safety Features

A steel roof is one of the safest roofs a homeowner can find. In addition to being able to endure severe Australian weather conditions, a steel roof is non-combustible, meaning it doesn't spark.

Lightweight & Quality

Even though steel roofing is incredibly strong and durable, it's also exceptionally lightweight. An average metal roof only weighs about 1.5 tonnes, which is a little less than the weight of a regular vehicle meaning there鈥檚 less load on your frame.

More Than Thirty Colour Options

When it comes to colour options, there's a rainbow of colours from which to choose. Keep in mind that Stoddart supplies and installs roofing and rainwater products in more than 30 colours and finishes.

When deciding on a colour, choose one that can complement the colour and style of your house. Because colour reproductions on a computer screen can vary, it's best to check a specific shade against an actual sample of a product before making a purchase. 

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Many Australians choose steel roofing because of its energy efficiency. Steel roofs are environmentally friendly. In fact, at the end of its life, a steel roof is 100 percent recyclable. This is not the case for other roofing materials. 

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